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360° Panorama Tours

Enthusiasm starts on the couch – with your virtual 360° Panorama Tour

Let the enthusiasm for your amusement park or your adventure world already arise at home or in the travel agency. With a virtual tour you give your future visitors the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of your destination already on the couch. After an exciting visit, your guests will be happy to share the experience they have gained with family and friends. Options such as a screenshot function or an integrated search game also multiply the loyalty of your guests to your online offer.

With a 360° panoramic tour, travel agencies provide you with an extremely modern and dynamic tool to convince a customer to book on site. With suitable VR-glasses the prospective customer is within seconds in your theme park, your adventure world or your hotel. Once created, there are no additional costs for the use.

Use the advantage over online map services and integrate additional information as text, picture or video into your tours. The HTML5 format allows barrier-free access across almost all browsers and operating systems.

You are still not convinced? Have a look at the advantages of 360° panorama tours or our gallery.

Advantages of 360° Panorama Tours

Experience instead of seeing

Experiences remain demonstrably longer in memory. Today, a simple photo no longer sets you apart from the mass of competitors. In a panorama tour, the visitor determines the direction of movement. This gives him a lasting impression.

Dwell time

As early as 2001, the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) discovered that a virtual panorama tour increases the length of time spent on a website up to five times. The visitor is more intensively engaged with your theme park, your adventure world or your hotel.

Booking rate

The higher the retention period, the greater the probability of a booking. Numerous studies prove the sales-promoting effect of 360° panorama tours. Thus Best Western (48%), Omni hotels (67%) and DoubleClick (46%) could obtain clear reservation increases.

Gallery 360° Panoramas & virtual tours


Disneyland Paris
Open Disneyland 360 in new window

360° Panorama Tour Hollywood Horror Festival at Movie Park Germany

Halloween Horror Festival  2019 | Movie Park Germany
Review on

360° Panorama Historical Sales Counter Factory Sale Herta

Herta GmbH
Historic sales counter in the factory outlet

360° Panorama Tour Recklinghausen leuchtet

Recklinghausen leuchtet
Website of Recklinghausen leuchtet

Virtuelle 360° Panorama Tour Palmkirmes Recklinghausen

Palmkirmes Recklinghausen 2017
Website of Palmkirmes Recklinghausen

360° Panorama Tour Kernies Familypark

Wunderland Kalkar
Kernie’s Family Park

Konditorei Andreas Sindern jr.

Pastry shop Andreas Sindern jr.
Website of pastry shop Sindern

Virtual Panorama Tours from FREIZEIT.MEDIA


We make no compromises when it comes to quality. We create our 360° panoramas with professional SLR cameras and lenses. The high imaging performance and editing options guarantee panoramic scenes with the highest level of image detail, rich colors and the greatest possible dynamic range. The individual images are merged into a scene in a semi-automated process. Ghost images and falling lines are directly corrected. Further retouching work such as removing the tripod in the nadir or filling the zenith in aerial panoramas complete the image optimization.


Individual programming ensures that your wishes can be taken into account. Automated systems of online generators or integrated systems offer only a clearly arranged range of functions. Special wishes can only be realized with difficulty or not at all. At this point we can respond to your very special needs.

Flexible extension

Your virtual 360° panorama tour should be as dynamic as this special medium allows. Single scenes are connected by hotspots to a virtual tour. Hotspots can also transport information. The modular structure not only allows you to add additional panoramas to a tour at any time. The following excerpt provides an overview of the usable contents and functions:

  • Panoramas taken from the ground and from the air
  • Start screen (as single image, slider or video)
  • Page navigation (menu bar in several levels)
  • Information in text form (plain text or HTML)
  • Photos (single motif or as gallery)
  • Videos (integrated in a panorama scene or in a box)
  • Audio (background music & sounds for the whole tour, single panoramas or panorama groups)
  • PDF (embedded in an opening box)
  • Websites (integrated in a box or by linking)
  • Maps (navigation based on floor plans, Google Maps or Openstreetmap)
  • Snapshot (photo function for sharing image sections in social media)
  • Search game (hotspot search function with subsequent action)
  • Analysis integration (Google Analytics or Matomo)
  • Offline presentation on Windows PCs & Android devices

Data sovereignty

Retain the sovereignty and decide for yourself where and to what extent your data is made available. Our individually created panoramic tours do not have to be generated on servers outside the EU and hosted with regular costs as is the case with other systems. We develop on local systems and you can use the tour on your already existing webspace. Graphics fragmented into tiles protect effectively against the theft of whole scenes.

Inspire your customers with a 360° Panorama Tour

FREIZEIT.MEDIA offers you the possibility to buy a virtual 360° Panorama Tour or to purchase it in an installment plan. Thus, the costs for the creation can be easily covered even with a small monthly budget. For agencies we also offer white label solutions.